More Tools of Learning

September 26, 2008

I don’t mind new technology, so long as we remain the ones driving it. Alan Kay, a pioneer of the GUI, said he wouldn’t let anyone within 15 yards of a computer unless he was sure it was a kind of bike for them. This may be a reference to a comment by a much younger looking Steve Jobs:

Still, as Dorothy Sayers suggests in the Lost Tools of Learning (below), we’re going to need to get a feel for the tools we have before we can judge their worth. Some of the best commentary and links I’ve read on Web 2.0 for education, or Learning 2.0, are coming from Georgio Bertini over on Twine, a semantic web project I’m just beginning to explore. Twine is still in beta-invite, but should be open soon, so they say.

One to start, with permission from George:

Too busy to learn? An introduction to collaborative leadership learning.pdf

The handbook is organised into four sections:

1 The Challenge of Collaborative Learning
Readings and resources to help establish or revisit how learning is central to leadership and to explore how leaders learning together can help improve and transform schools.

2 Exploring the Territory
Five case studies of headteacher groups in England and Wales exploring, in practical ways, how groups form, develop and sustain their work.

3 Development and Review
Review materials to help groups take stock of how they work together, surface expectations and launch, affirm or redirect the work of the group.

4 New Directions
A summary of learning frames, a template for recording action points, references and other general information.

(from the handbook’s TOC)


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